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The Duplex Biofield Former
a success story
Duplex 4 with optional equipment

The Rayonex philosophy of energy balancing is based on an integral, cause orientated approach. We try to determine and eliminate causal influences, e.g. geopathy, electromagnetic smog, wireless frequency burdens and many others before treatment commences.
Ever since its establishment Rayonex has been preoccupied with the development of biofield forming devices. In line with Bioresonance acc. to Paul Schmidt those frequencies which have a destabilizing effect on the organism (grids,underground watercourses, geological faults, etc.) are determined. The Duplex biofield formers bear a resonance system of hundreds of dipole antennas which are precisely tuned with the frequency spectrum of the interference zones. The frequencies are emitted into the room by the Duplex in a bipolar way which causes the regulating effect on people, animals and even plants.
Over 35,000 users around the world have already chosen a Duplex since 1982. Watching kids with learning and behavioral problems showed that by installing a biological field configurer (Duplex) their willingness to learn, their success and even their social behavior improved significantly.

Meanwhile the 4th Duplex generation has been developed. The reason behind the new development are the changed environmental conditions which affect not only us, but also the biofield forming devices. Foremost it is electrosmog and burdens caused by wireless transmission which have greatly increased.

The Duplex III generation has been optimized to combat these conditions. If geopathic-or high frequency stresses are not too high, these devices can still be used, no question about it. In order to combat stresses caused by electrio-magnetic fields or WiFi frequencies they should be combined with a Rayonator. Duplex 4

The Duplex III comes in 3 sizes:
The Small one covers a bedroom, the Medium is good for an apartment and the Large covers a house with surroundings.

However, should there be extreme stress -such as pulse-modulated radiation- the new Duplex IV is recommended. It is made of a special stainless steal alloy, so it won’t change polarity when subjected to excessive burdens. This device is also less sensitive to negative influences from the installation site itself. No grounding is required for the Duplex IV

Please note, the major purpose of the Duplex IV is to combat geopathic stress. If the device is used to neutralize burdens caused by EMF or new high frequency technologies combination with other Rayonators is essential.

Duplex and E Smog Rayonator
The E Smog Rayonator is an excellent complement for any Duplex if electric or alternating magnetic fields need to be neutralized. It consists of a system of 6 dipole antennas which are precisely coordinated to harmonize to the 6 main frequencies caused by EMF.

Duplex and High Frequency Rayonator
If significant stresses caused by wireless technology or high frequency pulse modulated radiation is occurring the HF Rayonator can be adapted. It bears 10 frequencies, all different from the E Smog Rayonator.

One or both of these Rayonators can be connected to the Duplex and will neutralize the affected frequencies via the biological field created by the Duplex. Other Rayonators, even ones with individual settings can be connected to the Duplex. Please ask for special “combination prices”.

Mini Rayonex
A small portable device like a ‘first barrier’ against all kind of negative input. Primarily designed as a travel device it can be worn in your handbag , in a kid’s schoolbag or on the desk. It resonates on 12.5, a main physically and mentally enhancing frequency.

Elo Rayex
Bearing the same frequencies like the E Smog Rayonator, designed as a portable, lightweight device, covering a radius of 2-3 meters (6-9 feet).

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