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Rayocomp PS 10

Rayocomp PS 10

The new Rayocomp PS 10 Evolution is the ideal instrument to enter the world of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt for individuals as well as a convenient, portable device for professionals.

The advantages of the PS 10 Evolution:
  • Modular Design, allows starting with the basic device at a very moderate price and configure it to your individual needs anytime. The PS 10 can be upgraded with 8 different modules.
  • Lightweight ( 1.6 kg)
  • Battery- operated
  • Integrated Polarizer
  • Memory cards can be switched between the PS 10 and the PS 1000 Polar

  • Our machines come with 54 integrated harmonizing programs, carrying out a large number of proven frequency sequences, covering the whole body, ready to start.

    Following Modules can be integrated:
    • Interference precision 0.05
    • Slim Line Acupuncture Oscillation does not require needles, the meridians and points are being checked and harmonized by their frequencies.
    • Dr Ulrich Programs Dr. E. Ulrich is one of Germany’s most experienced medical doctors working in the field of Bioresonance acc. to Paul Schmidt. He developed a wide range of programs covering allergen harmonization, stress relief, learning support, after care, hormon balancing, tinitus and many more. The complete Dr. Ulrich module consist of 23 individual programs.
    • 9 Specific Programs harmonization of individual check up results, bacterias, viruses, parasites, scar tissue, geopathic stress, chakras
    • Test Programs testing with range value measurements, memory card values,integrated programs, plus: EMF, geopathic burdens, check up, bacterias, viruses, parasites, acid-alkaline-balance, vital-substances (vitamins, minerals,probiotics), quick test of the 14 meridians
    • RAH M8
    • RAH M9
    • RAH M10

    RAH works with frequency compositions. It has first been developed at the Academy for Naturopaths at the Rayonex homeworks followed by many other experts around the world.

      M8 covers the basics

      M9 offers a wide range of individual testing and harmonizing programs, allowing detailed specification

      M10 is the most comprehensive module suitable for professional use. Beside the visualization it covers most of the features the PS 1000 Polar RAH does.

    Our Special PS 10 Package contains:
    Rayocomp PS 10 Evolution, Power Supply, Integrated Polarizer, Aluminum Case, Special Sensor, Aerial 0.7, Detailed Manual, 54 Integrated Bioresonance Programs, Hand-and Foot Detectors (pairs), Bioresonance Book (424p.)
    Please ask for current price!

    Create your own PS 10 Package:
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